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15 September 2021 - 16 September 2021
's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Kunststoffenbeurs+Materials+ Eurofinish+Surface 2021

                             Welcome to the
                           Matchmaking 2021!

Get in touch with potential new partners! Meet interesting plastics, materials and surface treatment experts, bonding experts, researchers, developers, engineers, SMEs, OEMs, suppliers and intermediaries. In the B2B matchmaking sessions you have 30 minute bilateral meetings with a variety of participants of your choice that are focused on plastics, other materials and coatings. The international B2B matchmaking will be a tailor-made hybrid activity, it will be possible to have both on-site meetings and /or virtual meetings. The Kunststoffenbeurs+Materials+ Eurofinish+Surface Matchmaking 2021 is organised by the Enterprise Europe Network.

The fairs KUNSTSTOFFENBEURS, MATERIALS, EUROFINISH and SURFACE join together on the 15th and 16th of September 2021 at the Brabanthal in 's Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands). During these two days, the Kunststoffenbeurs+Materials+Eurofinish+Surface 2021 will be the largest meeting point in Western Europe for plastics, other materials, surface treatment and bonding specialists, researchers, product developers and designers, engineers, chemists, quality managers, testing & measure experts, buyers and so on. Belgium is the partner country for 2021.
The Kunststoffenbeurs+Materials+Eurofinish+Surface 2021 with its fair, conference, Innovation Seminar and bilateral meetings make it the ideal venue for tailored networking to find solutions for plastics and other materials and surface challenges and to develop new projects and new business. 

Why participate in a matchmaking?

Many of the potential interesting new connections during an event happen by coincidence both between exhibitor and visitor and also between two visitors. But how can you know which interesting potential partners are walking around on the exhibition floor and the conference? And how can you find out if they might just be looking for someone like you?

The B2B Matchmaking sessions offer all visitors, delegations ánd exhibitors the possibility to announce themselves and book other participants. In 30 minutes pre-scheduled meetings you ‘speeddate’ with the other participants to quickly find out what you have in common. As written above, during the B2B matchmaking it will be possible to have both on-site meetings and /or virtual meetings.


In brief summary:

  • Attend the combination of materials oriented international fairs, the conference programs (see fair 1 and fair 2) and bilateral meetings.
  • In case you can't visit the event on-site: You can register for your virtual participation and join the virtual bilateral meetings.
  • Join the Innovation Seminar with the elevator pitches and take a chance to introduce yourself and your innovation.
  • Attend and meet keynote speakers of the conferences.
  • Meet keyplayers from the Belgian plastics, materials and coatings networks.
  • Meet a number of interesting plastics, other materials, surface treatment and bonding specialists, researchers, product developers and designers, engineers, chemists, quality managers, testing experts, ......
  • Meet a wide variety of SMEs, OEMs, suppliers and intermediaries.
  • Meet many potential buyers, project or business partners in a short time.
  • Prepare and choose your meetings of preference in advance. If you are not interested in a request for one reason or another, simply decline the request.
  • 30 minutes meetings. 

How to register?

  • Register for the B2B matchmaking sessions, via this website (button at right top of this page) and add contact data and your company information (in English) from your website.
  • Important: Describe in your marketplace profile what contacts you are looking for!
  • Book the meetings that you are interested in and accept incoming bookings. The booking phase starts August 1st.

We hope to see you at the Kunststoffenbeurs+Materials+Eurofinish+Surface Matchmaking 2021!

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